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Here at BA Fitness we educate our clients and provide them with all the information and guidance they need to achieve their goals. Take a look at some of our members amazing results!


"Probably the best gym in the area for great results, it's like having a personal trainer without the high fees, small group sessions, diet advice, fun and friendly."


- Ian Muirhead

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"For weeks and weeks I’d thought about joining BA but I was so scared of how intense it looked and lifting weights. At this point I’d been at a bigger gym for a year, went to lots of classes (was too intimidated by the gym suite), had no nutritional support and wasn’t getting any results. However I saw the results people were getting and I plucked up the courage to join BA, now I wouldn’t look back. In the short time I’ve been here I’ve learnt so much nutritionally and how to train. I’ve seen incredible results when it comes to my measurements, my weight and my overall fitness. Every member at the gym wants everyone to strive for their best and do well!

Thank you Billy, the team and all members x"

- Lily Knight

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"By far the best gym I've been to. Been going about 4months now and thoroughly enjoying it. I don't feel like going to the gym is a chore anymore, I actually look forward to going! Billy is highly supportive - both from a fitness and nutrition perspective, the sessions are varied and challenging and the people that go are great people to train with!"

- Jenny Manning

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"Have always been someone more drawn to things like Zumba and Body Pump but after years of doing both I still wasn't getting the results I wanted due to my diet. After just 3 months of joining BA Fitness I've lost 11.5" and am getting to eat a lot more of what I enjoy. I definitely rate this place 5 stars although the words loved it will never cross my lips when it comes to doing exercise."

- Louise Lyon

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"Such a welcoming gym- at the moment due to COViD-19 there are restrictions of only 6 people in a session which makes me among others feel very safe but also because of the small groups everyone is so supportive and encouraging of each other!

Billy has helped me to make sure my technique is on point so that I am making the most out of my gym session.

I feel very lucky to have found this treasure of a gym! Thank you to all the personal trainers"

- Lauren Breeze

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"I started training at the beginning of December and I’ve been training -4/5 times a week since I started. Billy and his team are fantastic and really know what they are talking about. When I started I had no clue about different equipment and exercises which is why I’ve never stuck at going to the gym! With the help of billy and his team I’ve become more confident in the gym and more confident within myself!

If your a first timer this is a great place for you to start and you will learn so much not only about your body but lifestyle changes and food nutrition as well! But even if you are gym bunny the team will really change up your workouts so your making the most of your training.

With hard work at the gym and sticking to my nutritional guides I’ve seen a huge difference in my body, my energy levels and my well being!

I can’t thank billy and his team enough! They’ve got a great set up with a friendly atmosphere!

- Sam Hodgen

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"If you're looking for a Gym that provides a great atmosphere, and great results then BA Fitness is the place to go.

Each session is varied and is tailored to provide maximum results.

Keep it up Billy."

- Mark Wainwright

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"The only gym I've joined and enjoyed going to. You don't have to work out what you're going to do, it's all planned out for you, with a different session every time! All the help you need from the coaches who can help with the nutritional side of things as well as show you all the exercises and improve technique. All the members like to have a laugh making it fun to go to and the results you get are fantastic!"

- Carl Manning

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"I decided to get in touch with Billy to see how his training would be beneficial to me. I went down on an open morning to have a look and a chat and he was knowledgeable so I decided to sign up. Big gyms are good at taking money then the rest is up to you and self-motivation is hard work. Billy asks you what you want to achieve then weighs and measures you at the start of the 3 months I can honestly say his workout routines are good and feel I'm getting my moneys worth he will even guide you on food choices and monitor your eating habits on my fitness pal app. I recommend giving this a try even just for 3 months if you put the work in you'll get good results."

- Steve Rogers

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