ba Fitness
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Ba Fitness was born in April 2016...

It all began in my parent's garage after I was made redundant from a job I hated… I went from Shop Assistant to Personal Trainer to Gym Owner in the space of two months.

We opened our space at the Trimpell Social Club in June 2016. Our objective was clear; we wanted to offer a first-class facility for small & simple Strength & Conditioning sessions. All sessions would be delivered by a professional trainer to coach each client and offer guidance and nutritional advice. We wanted to ensure that each client was given all the tools and assistance they needed to get the results they deserve and to this day we still do this to the best of our ability.

I am so proud to have built such an amazing environment where people come & workout and also get some life-changing results. Watching people’s confidence levels shoot through the roof as a result of exercise is an amazing thing & something that can’t be beaten as a Personal Trainer.